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Technology Trends

By Debbie Burke
Technology Trends

Supporting the Biggest Consumer Technology Trends in 2022

Technology is enriching our everyday lives by improving how we communicate with friends and family, reshaping how we interact with professionals like doctors and lawyers, and filling our homes with smart appliances and gadgets, enabling us to enjoy music, movies, and gaming in more interactive and experiential ways than ever before.

Consumer technology products help to solve problems or create better experiences in our day-to-day lives. Market leaders like Apple, Samsung, and Sony will be looking for consumers to invest in new and enhanced technologies like:

  • Smarter homes with the launch of Matter, developed with collaboration between Google, Amazon, and Apple to create even more connected devices in the home. Matter will enable communication across smart home devices, mobile apps, and cloud services.
  • Smarter devices that can make life easier from dimming lights, adjusting the thermostat, home security like video doorbells or cameras, and smart locks.
  • Domestic robots like Amazon’s home robot Astro, which can autonomously drive around your home, and handle video calls, and provide all the features of Alexa on wheels, with a unique personality that’s all its own.
  • Metaverse online environments are defined as “the internet that you’re inside of, rather than just looking at,” with games like Fortnite redefining the gaming experience to include a virtual concert attended by 12.3 million people, making it the game’s biggest event ever.
  • VR/AR and the Internet of Senses with manufacturers and content providers looking to augment our senses beyond our bodies by creating digital sensory experiences of taste, smell, and touch interactions with remote people and devices as if they were right beside us.

Whether you choose to upgrade as much as possible around your home or just install one device every few months until you have a fully functioning smart home, there is one component required to experience the best smart home experience – a reliable and stable Internet connection. The upload speed is becoming as equally important as your download speed the more smart devices you have in your home.

When evaluating your Internet provider, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Technology – Ask if the provider is delivering service over a cable connection that can be significantly slowed down by others using the connection or is a fiber-optic connection that is run all the way to the home, offering consistent, reliable speeds.
  2. Speed — Verify the provider offering symmetrical upload/download fiber to the home to ensure that you have sufficient upload speeds to run all your devices.
  3. Pricing – it’s important to understand if the advertised price is a promotional rate and how long it’s good for the duration of the contract. Watch for hidden increases after 12 months, even if you’ve committed to a 2-year contract.
  4. Customer service and support – no matter how reliable your connection is, you want to know that your provider offers good customer service and local technicians.

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