Storm Center

Keeping You Updated

Smart City Storm Center

Storms and severe weather can damage property, cause power outages, and interrupt your Smart City services. We understand that these conditions can be frustrating, and we work hard to keep you informed and to restore your services as soon as there is power, and the conditions are safe.

Update your online account. Make sure that you sign into your Smart City online account and update your notification preferences to stay up to date with any alerts and to get email updates and communications from Smart City.

Staying Connected

Storm Preparedness to Stay Connected

In addition to food, water, and storm supplies, you must have a communication plan in place to stay connected to friends and family. Download our disaster supply kit check list here.

Communications Emergency Kit that includes quick access to important phone numbers, account information, and power charging devices and supplies. We rely on our devices and phones for contact information, so we don’t always memorize even close family numbers. If your phone dies, a physical list lets you easily reach family, insurance agents, hospitals, and other important contacts. Laminating the list can keep it dry and durable for future use.

Home Phone Service. If you have a cordless phone, consider having a traditional corded phone that plugs directly into the phone jack on the wall if necessary. Phone lines generally have enough power to use a corded phone on the network and still operate while cordless ones will not. Forward your home phone calls to your wireless number in case of emergency and/or evacuation.

Charge your phones and devices while you still have power. Be sure that your storm kit that batteries.  Charge all wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablet devices while power is still available.  Battery-powered portable charges are another option to provide additional power when needed.

Important Documents. Snap photos of important documents like insurance policies, passports, social security cards, deeds, and birth certificates.  Store the documents in a watertight container. Photos can help if originals are damaged or destroyed.

Restoring Service

Smart City Disaster Recovery

The safety of our employees is our top priority. Once the storm passes and weather reports deem that it is safe for our technicians to return to normal operations, Smart City will immediately begin the restoration phase of our emergency operations.

Please remember, if you have a power outage, contact your local power provider before contacting Smart City. Your power must be restored before your Smart City services can be restored. Once your power has been restored, you may need to reset and/or reboot your Smart City equipment before you can reconnect your devices.

It is important to remember commercial power companies have a hierarchy of customers such as hospitals, police, and emergency responders – which get priority restoration. Smart City’s services that depend on local electric power may be affected.

Phase 1: Smart City will repair damage to our equipment and facilities, and restores service to police, fire, hospitals, and shelters.

Phase 2: With first responders restored, Smart City will begin restoring service to residential homes and businesses in Celebration.  We will work as quickly as possible to restore service to all our customers.

Delays in restoring your service may be a result of technical issues or can be a result of downed trees, blocked or flooded roads, and other dangerous situations.

The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.  We appreciate your patience as we work to restore you service as soon as possible.

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