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Smart City Telecom provides technologies that make our cities smarter places to live and play.

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Up to
400 Mbps

Fiber Internet 400Mbps

Residential 400 Mbps Fiber Internet and Home Wi-Fi

Starting at
$ 68 94/MO
Up to
1 Gbps
Actual data rate:

Fiber Internet 1Gbps

Residential 1 Gbps Fiber Internet and Home Wi-Fi

Starting at
$ 78 94/MO
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Get the fastest Internet in town, with the speed you need for all your connections. With our 1 Gig high-speed Internet plan, you can be assured that your service can keep up with all your devices. From gaming, HD streaming, video conferencing, long-distance learning, get the fastest Internet options for the most competitive price.


Enjoy reliable speed and coverage across your home with Wi-Fi service from Smart City Telecom. Get powerful, reliable Internet in every room of your home – upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside. Whatever speed you need, Smart City Telecom has you covered with speeds up to 1 Gig. That means high-speed Internet for all of your devices at the same time.


We understand how hectic life can be today, and how important it is to stay in touch with family and friends. With Home Phone service from Smart City Telecom, get affordable, reliable phone service that fits all of your communication needs. With a full range of calling features, and long-distance plans, you have all the tools you need to stay connected.

Smart City Telecom is a communications company with a distinctive difference. We provide local phone service and the latest Internet technology combined with a friendly approach to customer service. Unlike larger telephone companies with automated customer service lines, every call Smart City Telecom receives is directed to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Smart City Telecom is the local residential telephone company serving the communities of Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, and Bay Lake, Florida.

Whether you live, work, or play in these communities, Smart City Telecom is your one-stop destination for all of your voice and Internet services.