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Public Enemy Number One: Data Breach

By Krista Lockhart
Be prepared to stop hackers from taking your information.

Written By: Smart City Security Operations

Recently, an underground hacking group claimed to have successfully stolen the data of millions of TicketMaster customers in North America. Live Nation, Ticketmaster’s parent company, issued a statement alleging the group threatened to share the information on the dark web. This incident is developing; however, it reflects a concerning trend. Ticketmaster is not alone; small, medium, and large organizations remain prime targets for hackers.  Said another way, this could happen to any organization. Here are some other growing cyber security concerns:   

Account Takeover Threats occur when unauthorized users access your accounts, leading to potential data loss, financial damage, and reputational harm. Recovering from such an event is often a time-consuming and challenging ordeal. These typically occur due to weak passwords and the lack of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 

Weak passwords significantly increase the risk of data breaches. Establishing strong and unique passwords consisting of at least one uppercase character, one number, and one symbol is crucial.  

Also, minimal layers of security make it easier for threat actors to gain control of your accounts.  

However, while the trend line continues to trend up, there are some actionable steps we can all take: 

Create strong passwords. Use a complex mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid predictable patterns and never use personal information like birthdays or anniversaries. Where possible, activate two-factor verification on all platforms that support it, including social media, email services, and banking websites. Next, protect your mobile number from being transferred without authorization by setting up a port-out PIN with your carrier. Finally, monitor third-party applications regularly. Inspect your email accounts for unrecognized third-party applications. Research your email provider’s security settings and take proactive steps to update security permissions. 

In closing, data breaches serve as a stark reminder that no one is exempt from the threat of cyber-attacks. Do not assume you are immune if you have not been affected yet. Adopting a proactive stance is far more effective than a reactive one. Take steps to secure your accounts today.