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Prepare For The Best Online Gaming Experience

By Debbie Burke
Person gaming

You’re in the middle of the biggest push of the round. Your team is depending on you. It’s all or nothing. When suddenly, your connection is interrupted. Game over.

Glitches happen, but don’t let your Internet be the roadblock. Before you start your next game, brush up on bandwidth requirements for the gaming systems you play.

The most common issue that causes lag is your Internet connection. Ping determines how long it takes to send information from your system to game servers and back. Your goal is to have low latency around 20ms to 40ms. Depending on what game you are playing and what gaming console you are using, you may need more bandwidth.

To ensure the best gaming experience:

  1. Plug into your router with an Ethernet cable to eliminate delay and make your connection more responsive.
  2. Move closer to your router to get higher bandwidth.
  3. Use “Airplane Mode” on other networked devices to help reduce lag.
  4. Turn off updates and background data. Change notifications, auto-update, and background data settings on connected laptops and phones to reduce bandwidth usage.
  5. Regularly update your hardware drivers. Updates fix incompatibility issues and bugs that can cause problems with your connection.
  6. Reduce traffic on your network. Turn off smart devices, pause software and operating system updates, and minimize HD video streaming while gaming to ensure your network isn’t getting too bogged down.
  7. Upgrade both your router and your gaming device to a Wi-Fi 6 for lower latency, better performance faster Internet.
  8. Make sure you are using a fiber-based Internet service like Smart City Telecom. If you want the best gaming experience, you need the most reliable Internet service available.
  9. Upgrade your connection speed. If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tricks and still experience lags, consider increasing the overall bandwidth of your home network.

Make sure you are using the fastest Internet available in Celebration. Smart City Telecom delivers a 1 Gbps symmetrical fiber-to-the-home Internet connection, so you have the best gaming experience possible. Visit to sign up today.