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Is your Internet Connection Ready for the Holidays?

By Debbie Burke
Family Using an iPad On Holiday Season

While the holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most stressful. From trying to get your shopping done to the kids being home from school, and getting your home ready for your family members to visit, a lot is going on. And, with a higher level of online activity and all those extra devices, tablets, and laptops on your network, your Internet will probably feel the additional strain.

Follow these simple tips and set yourself up to be the best Internet host this holiday season.
1. Make sure that you have enough Internet speed to support all those users and devices. It may be time to upgrade your Internet to a faster service. Contact your Internet provider to see about upgrading your service.

2. With all the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday shopping going on, make sure that you are shopping from secure websites only and taking all the necessary steps to protect your and your family’s information.

3. Set up a guest login for your Wi-Fi to ensure your Internet security and privacy. Make sure your password is simple to find and easy to remember. Write it down and place it somewhere that’s clearly visible, like sticky notes or a note on the fridge, so your guests have all the information that they need.

4. Back up all your pictures and videos to the cloud before the holidays so that you don’t run out of space on your phones and tablets. Consider backing them up to a cloud service like Google Photos, iDrive, Dropbox, or Amazon Photos. An external hard drive gives you another backup option.

5. If you are taking a holiday trip, you’ll probably have a good amount of time spent in cars, airports, and planes. Be sure that you have plenty of entertainment to get you through. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon let you download movies and series to your phone and tablet for those long hours of traveling.

6. While you are gone, be sure that your router is on and plugged in while you are away to take advantage of smart devices to help secure your home while you’re away. A video doorbell like Ring will allow you to get notified when someone is at your door and to hear and speak to whoever’s there. Some alarm systems will allow you to disarm your alarm, unlock your front door, and even your garage door from your cellphone but your Internet must be working.

Be the best Internet host this holiday season with Smart City Telecom’s Fiber Internet 1 Gig. Delivering symmetrical upload and download speeds, Smart City Telecom’s 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home Internet connection will support all your Internet needs. Add Home Wi-Fi to ensure your guests can access the Internet from any room in your home. Visit or contact us at 407-824-9277 today to get holiday ready.