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Is cloud storage right for me?

By Debbie Burke
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You’re traveling without your laptop and need to access last year’s tax statements. Your laptop was stolen. You’ve accidentally deleted or overwritten an important file. You have been working on a huge presentation without saving it and a power outage causes you to lose all your work, or worst case, something wipes everything off your computer.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you understand the importance of backing up or having access to your files remotely. The best advice is to have a backup in two places – an external hard drive, and a cloud service.

With cloud storage, you can have the ability to download your files and access them from any device and any place.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

  • Accessibility to access your files from anywhere.
  • Scalability to add more storage as you need it.
  • Convenient sharing of files with other users.
  • Protect work from being lost with auto-upload. Synchronize and download files in real time.
  • Better security as cloud storage providers save data across redundant servers making your data safe even if one of the data centers goes down.


Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

  • Costs as reputable vendors ensure security, and additional storage costs.
  • A slow Internet connection may cause issues accessing stored files. For the best experience, a symmetrical Internet connection or as much upload speed as possible is recommended.
  • Support isn’t the best, especially if you are using a free version, with most referring you to their FAQs.
  • Your data is no longer on your physical storage so potential concerns as to how secure it is. It is recommended to use a reputable company.


How much storage do I need?

Getting the right amount of cloud storage can save you significantly in the long run. Decide if you are looking to upload all your files from all your devices to the cloud, or just certain files to help determine how much storage space is needed. Cloud storage gives you the flexibility to add or downsize storage space if your needs change. Check what options your provider offers for changing your account. Opt for either a monthly or an annual subscription instead of a multi-year plan.

Choosing one of the many storage providers can be difficult. According to, the top cloud storage providers include:

  • iDrive ranks consistently high among the best cloud storage. Currently offering 10TB of storage for $3.98 for the first year.
  • Microsoft OneDrive provides integrations with Microsoft 365, and premium plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Free 5 GB Basic plan.
  • Dropbox, the leader in file sharing, offers affordable, easy-to-use interface, and integrates with many third-party platforms, however it only stores what you transfer to the DropBox folder.


At Smart City Telecom, we recommend combining the flexibility of a cloud solution with an external hard drive, which can be purchased very inexpensively, and a good Internet connection. Smart City Telecom delivers a 1 Gbps symmetrical fiber-to-the-home Internet connection and up to 10 Gbps to businesses. Visit to sign up today.