Being tethered to a hotel room desk just isn’t good enough for travelers. Guests today want their Internet access unplugged — “anytime, anywhere.” And no wireless company has more experience with hotels and convention centers than Smart City. We serve some of the best in the business!

Why stop with guest Internet access? Wireless installations can support a range of hotel applications providing both operational efficiencies and cost savings. Maintain an instant connection with your housekeeping staff through wireless handhelds. Provide check-in/check-out wireless kiosks for greater guest convenience. The applications are endless and the benefits are significant.

The installation of wireless networks, however, is fraught with challenges, including:

  • Network with the strong, consistent signal coverage
  • Signals to penetrate various types of building materials
  • Sources of interference such as microwaves, cordless phones, competing wireless networks, and other sources
  • Wiring issues – it may be a wireless network but it all leads back to wiring at the core
  • And of course, the most critical challenge of all: Ensuring a safe and secure network!

Let the wireless experts at Smart City design your network today.

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