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Getting the Best Internet Experience with Symmetrical Bandwidth

By Debbie Burke
Woman with beanie enjoying fast internet speed

The faster your Internet connection is, the better your surfing and streaming experience. The less you see the buffering spinning circle, the happier you and your family will be with your Internet provider. Most Internet providers talk about speed as their primary point of service, but what does that really mean for your experience?


Symmetrical Speeds vs. Asymmetrical Speeds

Speed refers to the download or upload performance on your connection – how fast the Internet is sending and receiving data from servers to your device. With most Internet plans, like those offered by cable providers, bandwidth is asymmetrical, meaning faster download, slower upload. However, when you’re connected to a fiber network like Smart City Telecom’s, your connection is symmetrical – same speed up and down – so you will experience a much better overall Internet experience.

When you shop for an Internet provider, ask if their service is offered over a symmetrical or asymmetrical connection. Symmetrical connections perform better and allow you to experience a fuller, most robust Internet experience.


How Asymmetrical Speeds are Different
When you stream or send files over an asymmetrical connection, it takes longer because of slower upload speeds, even with a high-speed plan. Asymmetrical speeds delivered with a cable connection, even a high speed of 1000 Mbps, the upload bandwidth usually tops out around 50 Mbps, resulting in slower uploads, livestreaming lag time, and more dropped calls.

With fiber Internet, these connection issues are resolved with symmetrical speeds that enable a greater ability to access cloud-based platforms, improving your experience in sending videos, pictures, and emails on social media platforms and especially online gaming. Slow upload, dropped calls and Internet bottlenecks from your network are virtually eliminated, ensuring that your upload speeds aren’t strained due to high use. Upload files as fast as you can download.


Symmetrical Speeds and The Cloud
Fiber networks, paired with cloud-based technology, enhances connections for remote workers accessing CRM software like Salesforce, video conferencing, VoIP calling, the transfer of larger files and backups. As more applications are moving to the cloud, reliably accessing the cloud depends on high upload speeds, so symmetrical connections will guarantee that your cloud services are always available.

With Smart City Telecom, your local Fiber-To-The-Home provider of up to 1 Gbps symmetrical Internet, you can be assured that your connection provides the best Internet experience available. To find out more, contact us at 407-824-9277 or sign up today at