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Fiber Internet – The Ultimate Communication Technology

By Debbie Burke
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For 50 years, Smart City Telecom has been dedicated to delivering fiber services to Celebration’s residents and businesses, including the Walt Disney Company parks, resorts, and associated companies. As Celebration’s population has grown by almost 160% since 2000, Smart City has been at the forefront of providing telecom services to its communities and businesses.


Continuing that dedication, Smart City Telecom is now building fiber services to two of the area’s newest developments:

  • Island Village, the newest community in Celebration, with over 1,000 single-family homes and 290+ multi-family units.
  • Celebration Pointe, near Interstate 4 and World Drive, is a grocery-anchored retail and restaurant space adjacent to Island Village that began construction in August 2021, expected to be completed in about 12 months.


Why fiber matters?

Fiber is the most future-proof communications medium available, delivering a strong, reliable network connection. Fiber provides equal upload and download speeds and increased bandwidth, essentially future proofing the home for advancements in streaming and Internet of Things (IoT). As a bonus, fiber is less susceptible to drops in coverage due to severe weather.


Smart City delivers a 100% fiber connection directly to your home or business instead of a hybrid connection mixing a single fiber line with the aging technology of coaxial cable and phone lines. With other providers, you may get a decent download speed, but often upload speeds are subpar at best. With an end-to-end fiber from the network to your home or business, you can upload as fast as you can download. That means files can be added to the cloud, and you can work more efficiently than ever before.


Increased Home Value

An attractive feature for families running multiple Internet-connected devices at once, fiber capability can be a major selling point and help your home stand out from the rest. More Americans are telecommuting and working from home and in need of better Internet. Fiber helps small businesses stay competitive and grow. Better Internet isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a must. Better Internet makes smart homes run more smoothly.


Get the best fiber Internet in town for homes and businesses with Smart City Telecom. Smart City Telecom delivers a 1 Gbps symmetrical fiber-to-the-home Internet connection and up to 10 Gbps to businesses. Visit to sign up today.