Battling Hurricanes

Battling Hurricanes

By Krista Lockhart

Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Florida’s Stormy Season

Living in the beautiful state of Florida comes with its fair share of challenges, one of which is the ever-looming threat of hurricanes. As an enchanting tropical paradise, Florida is no stranger to these powerful storms that can leave devastation in their wake. However, by being well-prepared and equipped, you can ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your property. In this blog, we will dive into the essential steps you need to take to be fully prepared when a hurricane comes knocking at Florida’s door.

Smart City is actively preparing for this year’s possible hurricane outages and reviewing all policies and procedures with our Smart City team members to be ready to mobilize and restore service in the event of service loss. Please note, if you lose power, contact your local power provider before contacting Smart City. Check out our Storm Center page for more information.


Stay Informed

Knowledge is power, especially in the face of a hurricane. Stay updated with the latest news and weather forecasts from reputable sources such as the National Hurricane Center, local meteorological departments, and trusted news outlets. Be aware of the hurricane categories, storm surge risks, and evacuation orders specific to your area.


Create a Solid Emergency Plan

Developing a well-thought-out emergency plan is crucial for your safety. Discuss evacuation routes with your family and establish meeting points in case you get separated. Assign responsibilities to each family member, such as gathering important documents, packing emergency kits, or securing the house. Ensure that everyone understands the plan thoroughly to minimize confusion and panic during critical moments.


Stock Up on Supplies

Before the hurricane season starts, it’s essential to stock up on necessary supplies. These include non-perishable food items, drinking water, batteries, flashlights, a first aid kit, medications, toiletries, and extra clothing. Don’t forget to include items like a manual can opener, a battery-powered radio, and a portable phone charger. Prepare enough supplies to last for at least three to five days. Download our disaster supply kit checklist here.


Secure Your Property

Protecting your home is a top priority when it comes to hurricane preparedness. Reinforce doors and windows with storm shutters or plywood. Trim trees and secure outdoor furniture, grills, and other loose items that could become dangerous projectiles in high winds. Consider investing in a generator to ensure a backup power supply during potential outages.


Document Important Information

Gather and organize important documents such as insurance policies, identification papers, medical records, and contact information for emergency services. Make digital copies and store them in a secure cloud-based service or a waterproof, portable storage device. This will ensure that you have access to vital information even if physical copies are lost or damaged.


Stay Connected

Maintaining communication during a hurricane is crucial. Make sure you have a battery-powered or hand-cranked radio to receive updates if the power goes out. Keep your mobile phones fully charged and have backup batteries or portable chargers available. Inform your loved ones about your whereabouts and let them know you are safe. Consider downloading relevant apps like weather trackers and emergency alerts for real-time information.


Preparing for a hurricane in Florida requires proactive planning and a focused approach. By staying informed, creating an emergency plan, stocking up on essential supplies, securing your property, documenting important information, and staying connected, you can minimize the potential risks and ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Remember, it’s always better to be over-prepared than caught off guard. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and weather the storm with confidence.