Customized solutions to fit your unique needs.

Delivered by Central Florida’s most experienced fiber provider

Selecting a communications infrastructure and services provider can be quite challenging.  Every industry, every company has its own unique requirements. When you need help understanding the exact level of service you need to support your business operation, you can depend on Smart City Telecom to deliver a customized solution approach.

Our local team will work with you to analyze your usage, needs and future goals to determine a plan tailored specifically to your company. With our customized approach, you pay only for the bandwidth you need, with the flexibility to scale and grow as your needs change.

What makes our customized solutions more advanced? Our years of experience servicing businesses across every segment and every industry. The fact that we were the first provider to deliver fiber to the premise. The combination of advanced technology and highly trained Smart City Telecom Dedicated Account Executives are our support system for companies both large and small.

Tap into our deep business experience to know you’re getting exactly the services you need and that your industry’s unique circumstances are expertly accounted for.

See how we can build a customized solution for you that will help you grow your business and stay competitive in your industry.